A Serene Life

Time to Detox!

Help your body start the new year off right 6 days at a time! We are exposed to toxins every day in air, water, and food.

The 6 Day Detox is such a great concept with allowing you to decide what days of the week you

will detox while still having  a “rest” day.It can be used as short as six days and for as long as 28 days in a row. It is designed to renew your body and enhance your immune and gastrointestinal system.

Unlike most detox systems on the market this kit focuses on detoxifying the entire body and not just the liver.

Not sure if this kit is right for you?

Here are some symptoms that are linked to too many toxins in your body:



Decreased mental sharpness

Gastrointestinal distress

Dry/rough skin

Sugar cravings

Seasonal allergies

Stubborn weight

Feeling sluggish


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