The Story of Serenity Women’s Care

This is how Serenity Women’s Care came to be.

After many years in my career, it had become increasingly obvious that my life, like so many other women’s, had become an endless cycle of work, rush home, more work, exhausted sleep, up early, work, and repeat.  I worked extremely long hours taking care of women’s needs, and then I worked long days at home on my days “off.” There was no rest. No relaxation. I took care of everyone else but never myself.

As I got further into my Fifties, I took a hard look at my life, and I decided at long last that it was mine and, I was going to own it. I decided to take control. If I wanted to go see my grandchildren, I was going to go see them. I wasn’t going to ask anyone’s permission to go on vacation anymore or to take time off during the holidays. Or to go to lunch for that matter! I wanted to be paid what I was worth. I was finally going to take care of me.

I left a very secure position to open my own practice. People were shocked at my brazen independence. Some people were extremely upset. After all, Nurse Practitioners don’t just open up their own offices. They don’t work for themselves. They work for doctors. They stay in their place. But I had made up my mind, used every bit of intelligence and courage I had, and I wasn’t looking back.

I had worked in several OB-GYN offices over the years, and I knew exactly what my vision was—a beautiful waiting room that wasn’t like a cattle-call. A realistic, on-time schedule. A place of dignity and care. No rude, snippy girls at the front desk. Not a tasteless medical poster or plastic female pelvis in sight. No yucky bathrooms with directions on the wall of the proper way to pee into a cup. No rows of urine specimens in the open for all to see. No meeting women for the first time while they were clad only in a big paper towel.

I already knew what our name would be—Serenity Women’s Care. The name evokes everything I want our office to be, everything I want in my own life, and what I want for all of the women who come to see me—composure, stillness, tranquility, peacefulness. I hope that you find Serenity Women’s Care to be a comfortable, welcoming place as well.



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