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Why Diets Always Fail Us: A Story of New Perspectives

Written by JeanAnn's fourth child and Serenity employee Chelsea, this blog post explores the topic of Chronic Dieting, Binge Eating Disorder (otherwise known as Food Addiction), and the journey down the Road Less Traveled toward recovery.

May 7th, 2020
Fear Not: An April Message

In a time of fear and uncertainty, JeanAnn explores the concept of fear, maintaining the spirit of overcoming, and the importance of coming together.

May 5th, 2020
Life on the Roller Coaster: Living with Bipolar Disorder

In this post, Serenity's Media and Public Relations Coordinator as well as JeanAnn's fourth child Chelsea educates about Bipolar Disorder as well her journey with the condition, the importance of mental healthcare, and breaking stigmas for good.

Mar 30th, 2020