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The Serenity Difference

Our founder JeanAnn has a clear vision about what the best possible care for women should look like. This vision is called the Serenity Difference. 

In the words of JeanAnn, “At Serenity, we bring years of clinical excellence and provide personalized, gentle care to all of the people we serve. Our office is nurturing, affirming, and accepting of all people.

At Serenity Women’s Care, you’re never just another patient in a crowded room waiting to be seen. In fact, you are never just another patient at all. We treat you as the unique individual you are the moment you join our family and beyond.”

What’s important to patients is important to JeanAnn and all of us at Serenity Women’s Care. We accommodate same-day appointments for added patient convenience whenever possible, and we spend as much time during appointments as necessary without making the patient feel rushed. Patients determine the direction of and have a voice in their care under the guidance of JeanAnn and our compassionate team. We always warmly welcome new patients from all walks of life to Serenity Women’s Care

Our staff pledges to uphold the Serenity Difference with every interaction with every patient every day. No exceptions. We know every patient’s name and story. We empathize with their hardships and celebrate their joys. We love every single patient we serve and embrace the diversity every single one brings to our family. Most importantly, we truly listen to every patient and go above and beyond to ensure they feel heard. We encourage you to come visit Serenity Women’s Care and feel the Serenity Difference for yourself. 

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Healthcare In A Beautiful Setting

Healthcare In A Beautiful Setting

We provide high-quality women’s health care in a warm, accepting, relaxed office. We strive for minimal wait times, so typically you can expect to be in and out the door in under 60 minutes.


Unique Individual Care

At Serenity Women’s Care, you’re never just another woman in a crowded room, waiting to be seen. We treat you as the unique woman that you are. We take time to get to know you, not just your female anatomy.

Unique Individual Care

What is a Nurse Practitioner, and Why Should I See One?

A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a highly educated health care provider who approaches health and illness, care and cure, from the unique perspective of the nursing profession. While an NP is a Registered Nurse (RN), her/his education far surpasses the level required for RN licensure.

Our JeanAnn Schwark, M.S., F.N.P.-C., is a Nurse Practitioner. She completed a master’s degree in nursing as well as a post-graduate certification, both in Arizona.

To practice as an NP, the most advanced level of nursing, a nurse must:

  • Have a Doctorate or a master’s degree in nursing
  • Complete an educational program in a clinical specialty
  • Successfully pass a national certification exam in that specialty
  • NPs are required to continue their educations and recertify periodically to maintain a high level of excellence.

In practical terms, an NP may work very much like an MD. She will conduct a history and physical exam on a patient, order and interpret appropriate diagnostic tests, develop a treatment plan, prescribe necessary medications, perform needed procedures, and conduct ongoing follow-up and treatment management with the patient.

Advancement in Medical Science and Technology

Medical science and technology are advancing in ways that are difficult to comprehend. Physicians are moving into ever more complex, specialized roles, practicing at their very highest levels. In this rapidly changing environment, Nurse Practitioners are emerging as the healthcare providers of choice for many patients, meeting the needs for primary care and specialty care.