The pelvic floor muscles are the muscles that support your bladder and other organs on the pelvic shelf. If you have a weakened pelvic floor, due to pregnancies, trauma, or the genetic result of aging, it can lead to occasional urinary incontinence. In the past, kegel exercises, or similar pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles, were the only option. Fortunately, now women have Emsella®.



What Is Emsella®?

Emsella® uses high-frequency electromagnetic stimulation (HIFEM), to stimulate the pelvic muscles. This creates an effect thousands of times more potent than any kegel workout. Based on the same principle as EmSculpt® for abdominal and glute toning, Emsella® can give you stronger, more supportive pelvic muscles fast without pain or effort on your part.

How Does It Work?

It couldn’t be simpler. When you come into our office, you’ll wait in comfortable surroundings with our staff tending to any of your needs. When it’s time for your treatment, you’ll just sit in the Emsella® “throne” and relax. Chat with us, read a book, look at your tablet or just meditate. Meanwhile electromagnetic energy repeatedly stimulates your pelvic muscles, strengthening them so that they are better equipped to support your pelvic shelf. After 30 minutes, just get up and continue with your day!

Does It Hurt?

Contract your pelvic muscles and imagine feeling this sensation rapidly for 30 minutes but without any effort on your part. This is the experience of Emsella®. It is generally quite well-tolerated and while you may feel a bit of soreness afterward, you should be able to quickly resume your ordinary daily activities.

What Results Can I Expect?

Following a treatment with this device, you should see an improvement in incontinence symptoms and general comfort. In fact, after six 30-minute treatments over three weeks, 95% of patients across multiple studies have reported an improved quality of life, with a 75% reduction in pad use.


Try Emsella® at Serenity Women’s Care and Aesthetics in Scottsdale, AZ

You won’t see any white coats or cold metal tables when you come to Serenity Women’s Care and Aesthetics for an Emsella® treatment. We’ll get to know each other, you’ll sit in the throne for about half an hour while the device does its work and you’ll be on your way! To get started, just send us your contact information using the form below or give us a call at (480) 877-0764.