Facial Veins

Facial veins can be a consequence of age, environmental pollutants, a condition like rosacea, and/or genetics. However, regardless of their cause, if you have them, you probably want to get rid of them. Sometimes called spider veins because of the pattern they make, these red or blue veins on the face are usually not dangerous or painful, but they can stand out and ruin your otherwise beautiful complexion. Never fear; Serenity Women’s Care has the treatment to deal with your face veins and give your face a much more even tone.

Why Do I Need Facial Vein Removal?

Blue or red veins on the face are usually not a health risk, but they create an often undesirable, splotchy look that many people would sooner do without. You may have been reluctant to deal with your facial veins because you don’t want to go through the headache of surgery, but the good news is, you don’t have to! At Serenity Women’s Care, we offer a range of non-invasive treatments designed to help you look your best.

Facial Veins


What Treatment Options Are There for Facial Veins?

We have had great results with the multi-wavelength GentleMax Pro® laser. This is a high-performance laser designed to reduce or eliminate facial veins without harming surrounding skin. The dual laser design means we can deal with facial veins for virtually all types of skin. This is a well-tolerated, gentle procedure that works, but if it’s not right for you we have many alternatives for dealing with your face veins, including:

How Does It Work?

During your visit, you will meet with our master aesthetician, Venessa, to decide if GentleMax Pro® laser vein removal is the best choice for you. This is a completely free consultation. If we decide to move forward, at your appointment, we will customize the laser settings to your particular skin type and condition and apply the laser to any targeted areas. The system comes with a special cooling solution that keeps the skin and the area around it cool both before and after the procedure to keep you comfortable. Treatment time varies according to the extent of your facial veins, but the whole process should take no more than an hour.

What Results Can I Expect?

You may see a significant lightening of facial veins after a single treatment. However, we will recommend a custom course of treatment to provide you with optimal results. Following your visit, we may provide you with a guide for taking care of your skin in order to ensure the absolute best outcome.

Laser Treatment for Facial Veins in Scottsdale, AZ

At Serenity Women’s Care and Aesthetics, we consider all our clients part of our family. Come to us with your facial vein concerns and we will find solutions for you in a welcoming, stress-free environment. Your initial consultation is free with no obligation, so you have nothing to lose. Stop living with facial veins. Schedule an appointment by filling out the form below, or giving us a call at (480) 877-0764.