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At Serenity Women’s Care, we encourage all women to take personal ownership of their health. This philosophy guides us, and it applies to women of all ages and all stages of life, even during the teenage years.


Why You Need An Annual GYN Exam

Getting a GYN exam at least once a year is critical to your long-term health, because it includes not only a pap test, but also bloodwork, a mammogram, and more.

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Your Teenage Years 


For many teens, the prospect of visiting a gynecology office can be scary. At Serenity Women’s Care, our goal is to make young women feel absolutely comfortable in the GYN setting. Our approach is non-threatening and non-judgemental.

You may consider starting appointments with us in your mid-teens, when you’re no longer comfortable with your pediatrician or family practice setting. You may have concerns or questions related to your periods, matters of sexuality, or things you’ve heard from friends.


During the teen years, our focus is on affirming the individuality of each young woman, encouraging them to value themselves enough to make healthy decisions, including:

  • Using sunscreen
  • Saying “No” to tanning beds
  • Eating well
  • Always wearing your seat belt
  • Putting the phone away when you drive
  • Protecting herself from unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections

For most healthy teens, a pelvic examination is rarely needed. If a teenager should require an exam, our approach is gentle and unhurried. We take the time to explain the examination, show the speculum (the thing that looks like a duck’s bill), and describe the process. We want to make teens feel safe and comfortable.


Your 20s and 30s


Nothing quite compares with the frenzied pace of life for women in their 20s and 30s. Women are completing their educations, beginning their careers, living an active single life, or choosing life partners and beginning families. 


We can help you navigate this period of your life:

  • Pap tests at 21 years old (cervical cancer screening is no longer necessary prior to age 21)
  • Accurate family planning advice and convenient methods
  • Learn more about your family health history
  • Discuss concerns about disease risk

It’s also very common for women in their 20′s and 30′s to have gynecological concerns of a more acute nature, which need an urgent visit. At Serenity Women’s Care in Scottsdale, our flexible scheduling options and relaxed setting make it easy for busy young women and moms to find time for their own health care, while balancing many other responsibilities.


Your Middle-Aged Years


The years between ages 44 and 65 represent a time of transition for women. Your children may be growing into adulthood and leaving home, or you may be caring for your elderly parents. Personal relationships, careers, and financial concerns may be changing, too. These years bring exciting changes, but they also come with stress and anxiety.


For middle-aged women, significant health challenges may emerge.

  • Risks of heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, and other conditions begin to rise with aging.
  • The hormonal changes of menopause can be problematic, and require treatment and guidance.
  • Screening for disease, and prevention efforts become much more important for middle-aged women.

It’s vitally important that a woman doesn’t neglect her own needs, especially as she navigates the challenges of the middle years.


Your Retirement Years

Women today are living longer, healthier lives than ever. By the time they reach their later 60s or their 70s, life can begin to change. Many retire, move, or travel the world. They may be widowed or have a new life partner. Maintaining good health becomes paramount.

Many women in these years have health conditions that are manageable with the use of some medications. It becomes critical that women continue to have regular health care and screening for the diseases which present in older ages.

To a great extent, we don’t do routine Pap tests on women over 65 any more. It is vital, however, that women continue with breast cancer screening, and with GYN exams to check for other cancers, and for other serious problems.

By the time women reach their 80s and beyond, our focus is on maintaining both health and functional ability. Issues such as safety in the home, nutrition, and the early recognition of any developing infection become most important. At Serenity Women’s Care, our comprehensive approach and flexible scheduling provide older women and their families the security of knowing that they can access care the day they need it — not the next month!

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