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JeanAnn Schwark, MS, FNP-C -  - Gynecology

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JeanAnn Schwark, MS, FNP-C

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It’s time to make those pesky spider veins disappear! Spider veins are red, bluish or purple veins that are the result of a variety of factors. Characterized by their noticeable “spider web” appearance, spider veins can leave you feeling self-conscious about your beautiful skin. Well, Serenity Women’s Care has good news — we can rid them from your skin once and for all! Our top-of-the-line Candela GentleMax Pro laser delivers light-based energy that makes the veins disappear (sometimes instantly) but does not harm the surrounding tissue.

Laser Vein Removal Q & A

What to Expect From Laser Vein Reduction at Serenity Women’s Care

At Serenity Women’s Care, our goal is to provide you with the skincare and laser treatments that are right for your needs in a comfortable, relaxing, boutique-style environment. With flexible appointment scheduling, including same day, early mornings, late evenings, Fridays, and even select Saturdays, we are able to give our patients extremely convenient appointment times and flexibility. We offer numerous procedures that provide similar results, but every treatment is customizable to achieve desired patient results. If you're interested in Laser Vein Reduction, schedule a complimentary no-obligation consultation with Venessa to find out if this or other treatments are right for you.

The Laser Vein Removal Consultation

At your complimentary, no-obligation consultation with Venessa, she will discuss your goals and collect information about your health and medical history to help you decide if Laser Hair Reduction is right for you. Note that even if this treatment isn’t right for you, Venessa will help determine a different treatment that will help you reach your skincare goals.


The Laser Vein Removal Procedure:

Most patients describe the mild discomfort they may feel as a series of rubber band snaps; however, many clients also say the discomfort is greatly reduced by to the air-cooling device that will blow on the treated areas during your treatment. There is minimal downtime—you can resume all normal activities immediately afterward. Your after-care instructions will be thoroughly explained to you after your procedure.



Individual 20 minute Sessions: $275 (every 20 minutes)