Injectables and Fillers

Injectables and fillers, such as Dysport, Juvederm®, and Restylane®, can help you look years younger and give you the boost of confidence you deserve at any age! At Serenity Women’s Care and Aesthetics, we provide a range of injectables to meet your personalized anti-aging needs. 


How Do Injectables and Fillers Work?

As the name implies, we simply inject the treatment into the specific areas where you wish to see improvement. Although many of these fillers are primarily thought of as face fillers, we can use certain fillers on other parts of the body, like the hands or neck as well. How the injectable works depends a great deal on which product we are using. Some of the options include:

  • Dysport – Dysport uses botulinum toxin to paralyze facial muscles and reduce fine lines caused by frowning, smiling, and squinting. These injections can last roughly 3-6 months.
  • JUVÉDERM® – JUVÉDERM® is a series of hyaluronic acid fillers that can treat moderate-to-severe wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that can temporarily take the place of some of the collagen that you lose due to aging.  It plumps up wrinkled skin, adds volume to lips or cheeks, defines lip lines, and lifts creased skin near your mouth. JUVÉDERM® injectables can last up to a year.
  • Restylane® – Like JUVÉDERM®, Restylane® is a filler injection made of hyaluronic acid that plumps your skin. Its results last up to a year.
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What Can I Expect From the Procedure?

First, we will take the time to meet you and review your concerns and goals. Then, we will thoroughly review your medical history to establish whether you are a good candidate for injectable treatments, and examine your skin prior to delivering your Dysport or filler injections to map out your skin’s unique needs. Our expert injector will then carefully inject the formulation into your face in the targeted areas to provide the results you are looking for. We are well trained in administering these injections and it will be done before you know it! Rest assured, safety is always our top priority when delivering injectables.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

With Injectables like Dysport and dermal fillers, you can see almost immediate results such as:

  • Fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighter skin
  • Restored facial volume
  • Smoother lines
  • Fewer vertical lip lines
  • Improved facial symmetry
  • Younger-looking skin
  • Better skin hydration
  • Firmer skin


We will bring you back for a quick appointment two weeks after your injections to ensure the results are meeting your expectations. At that time, we can certainly add more products if you need them.

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Injectables and Fillers in Scottsdale, AZ

These treatments are non-invasive and take just minutes to complete. Choosing injectables over invasive surgery is more cost-effective and without downtime. To meet with us and find out if Dysport or one of our dermal fillers is right for you, just fill out and submit the form below or give us a call at (480) 877-0764.


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